Friday, October 16, 2009

Will You Discover "A MIRACLE That Changed the World"?

The principles of freedom interpreted in the writings of our Founding Fathers are the proven keys to the contagious growth of love, tranquility, and prosperity.

We can only secure freedom, liberty, and justice for future generations if enough of us will accept the responsibility to understand the core principles that set the stage for a country where people have the right to pursue and experience an abundance of love and prosperity.

Freedom IS NOT FREE. If people remain idle and fail to accept the responsibility to guard freedom by understanding and sharing, it will gradually be lost!

Will you accept the responsibility and seek to learn?

Will you take the journey to discover the principles?

Will you share your knowledge and engage others?

I must!

Will you join?

Bless you for your consideration of accepting this vital responsibility!

May God guide my postings that they might inspire the start of a joyous journey of life, liberty, and love. May your journey be a source of pride for your lifetime and a vehicle for providing freedom to the children that follow. Amen

1 comment:

  1. A very inspiring statement! You are so right on. We all need to fight with all the spirit in us to preserve our freedom, which is one of our most important rights. God bless you and your wisdom.



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